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GRASSFIRE is a full length feature movie from Mental Ward Productions. We were hired to edit this 1 hour 38 minute movie. The footage was handed to us with a script of the movie and our editors went to work. Daily updates were loaded to our web page for the client to review. As the movie came together, some technical problems became evident, such as bad recorded sound and coloring in some of the scenes. Triple Eleven Productions jumped on the problems correcting color and even stripping a rainstorm scene of all its sound and recording new dialog to go with the new sound effects placed into the scene. Just a small sample of the interesting experiences of creating art.

Mental Ward Productions also shot a 40 minute parody of a famous science-fiction movie entitled "Stuck on Star Wars." After the movie was edited, the client hired us to make a 2 minute trailer and DVD. After that experience, Triple Eleven was hired to edit their longer movie Grassfire and their upcoming movie Bamboo Shark.