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Created by Pam Moore and Jan Hicks, these high quality educational videos are for toddlers to help them develop motor skills by engaging them in activities designed just for their age group.

Triple Eleven Productions took their ideas and helped make them a reality. We worked closely with them through all phases of the production making sure their needs were met. Our involvement included lighting the set, camera work, editing, creating custom graphics, authoring the DVDs, as well as working with all their vendors to make sure all the pieces went together just as they were meant to.

The Little University videos and DVDs will soon be available at fine retailers.

The Stompers 4x4 project was an outdoor live sports event. We used a multiple camera setup to cover the event as well as two roving interview cameras. The multiple sources were then edited together with custom graphics and authored to DVD. We also created the covers and the face graphics for the DVDs and videos. Check out their web page for video ordering information.
Also a live outdoor event. Monster trucks as well as mud drag racing were on tap for this one. The client ordered a single camera setup to shoot various aspects of the event. We employed a secondary "pit-cam" to capture some of the action up close. The footage was edited to a final product with music and custom graphics.